Lifestyle & Matrescence Photoshoot

Your Pregnancy Surrounded by Family


A walk in the park, or your family's preferred spot to freeze your pregnancy in its perfect natural element!


This package offers us the opportunity to meet in action and in your own environment, while giving us a chance to have your latest moments before the grand arrival, captured in images.

Documenting Your Birth Stories

Your Birth Journey in Pictures


Either birthing at home, at the Birth Center or at the Hospital, I will meet you in the heat of the moment, to capture the birth story that will be yours, and your child's. Discrete and respectful, I'm looking forward to tell the story of your most intimate moment, and the strength that makes this event, one of the most memorable one out there...

The Fresh Newborn Au Natural 

In The Comfort of Your Home

In order to capture images of the first memorable  moments that you share with your newest member of the family, I come to the comfort of your home, (or even the hospital if you prefer), in the following 48 hours of the birth itself to get the feel that is being shared in the intimacy of this bright unfolding.

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