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Holding The World In Our Hands

Dernière mise à jour : 16 août 2019

It might be small, but it is growing, and everyday we can influence its outcome!

Holding my first son, at 7 months old in-utero, 2008

Hello everyone,

I’m Bonnie Jean-Louis, a Professional Photographer for 20 years, Community and Event Coordinator for the past 15, and mother for more than 12 years… But it is only in the past 2 years, that I’ve realized and chosen to follow a path that is more profound, and that is, of inspiring new mom’s in their transition to motherhood! Having made the decision to return to school to specialize in maternity and newborn health, has been a life changing experience, and all, due to my latest-surprised pregnancy.

My daughter, who’s been a bundle of joy and a provider of empowering experiences, as brought to me, the chance to have the home water birth I had dreamed about since high school, and go through this transformative period that is matresence, like never before… AND, all of this was possible, because I made the personal decision to prepare myself adequately, all throughout my pregnancy, but also specifically for birth, and the postpartum period. This time around, I was not going to miss this opportunity for personal growth!

I never took Childbirth Education classes or workshops, nor did I get myself an official Doula.

But I had read all the books I had initially found, to make sure, I was equipped to face this new challenge. But oh what a challenge. In my first pregnancy, I hadn’t taught of preparing for what comes after birth, therefore, I never got ready to breastfeed… And let me tell you, its not after giving birth, that you find the time to read all those children development books.

What a reality shock!

But I did persevere through cloth diapers, and three weeks belated latching of my son to my breast. Only to realize years down the road, that I had lost all my capacities for happiness in the process, as I was completely sleep deprived and lacking energy. Trying to be the perfect mom I had set myself up to be, had brought me to the brink of an official postpartum depression, if not, lifestyle…

Second time around, it was an opportunity for change! For growth! For letting go while also opening up for empowerment!

I learned many things such as the importance of warding off fear in the wake of contractions during labour, and the utmost significance of avoiding stress at all cost, when choosing to try breastfeeding, for success. Being a complete introvert myself, choosing to surround myself with positivity and an intimate support system, has led me to surrender to the birth day of my daughter, which ended being, a gift to my husband’s 46th anniversary… In the water, at home, with the midwives, close friends, our sons, and my partner right in the birth pool with me, I felt my daughter crown, I chose to follow my body’s cues to gently push her until I completely caught her, on my own!

What a feeling!

After all those years, of dreading the simple idea of having our family grow, as my first experience had been somewhat traumatizing, this time around, it was mesmerizing…

I’m telling you all, those intricate details, because I feel that its through new types of stories, that we will achieve warding off, the fear that currently surrounds, giving birth in our western culture… But also, because its those intimate moments that I share with you, that permit me to be completely there for you, when your time comes!

I am now converted! Completely! I know that everyone should follow Childbirth Education classes, especially those alternative ones I wish to offer! I know that its through knowledge that we, as women today, we can reclaim our bodies, our lives, our goals, our dreams, and our confidence, that will allow us to become, the best moms possible, and the best women we can be! I know that its through evidence-based facts and research, that we can make better informed decision, for a birthing experience in our image! And its through those empowering experiences, whichever journey yours end up being, that we can fully embody, our Mom Job!

I invite you to like my page : The Mom Job, for posts that relate to Childbirth, but also, for reasons why it is important to surround yourselves with supportive positive people for your transition to motherhood! I also love to share information, studies, interviews, posts, books, stories, photos and more, that relate to that special job we have as women on earth, especially when we become mothers!

Hope you’ve enjoyed this short part of my birth stories, and please ‘like’ and ‘share’, especially if you feel that other women and mothers might benefit from some of the things I’ve discussed with you today!

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