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Pourquoi on se sens triste parfois

Dernière mise à jour : 16 août 2019

Especially today, with the all out fashiony posts on-line, where everything seems perfect, its sometimes hard to comprehend the hard moments, and difficult emotions that often arises in postpartum moms... But lets try to listen to the story, to find out how to normalize the experience, and learn from the hardships, so that moms can be reborn too...

Sometimes, baby feels how mommy feels, however mom tries to hide it...

Knowing the birth process and understanding your own, can certainly bring forth, new ways of coping with silently arising emotions, that are too often misunderstood.

More than 25% of birth experiences are traumatic, which might be a result of previous experiences that affects the mothers perspective or a consequence of interventions and complications that arise during the birth of a child... It can be a natural birth, and still be traumatic. Lets face those stories with attention, compassion, and find ways to alleviate the fuild and shame that it most often brings to new moms, for months, if not years.

There's many different aspects to feeling the baby blues. And often, people will diminish an experience by relating that you and baby survived, and that's what counts... But validation of someone's experience, is whats most needed.

Baby Blues to Postpartum Depression

Through the medical evolution of obstetrics, lots of savings of lives have happened, and we tend to rely on all those great successes as the best thing of our century in women's health. But we forget to consider the experience itself, when it comes to making sure, that how she relates to baby, is kicked start throughout the pregnancy and a healthy birth...

If anything goes wrong, or simply a lack of bonding throughout the whole experience, can affect years of relationships with the little one in question. And that is not considering, it can affect the choice of having other babies in the future, therefore, putting a stop to the growth of a family.

Lets not diminish an experience or consider someone lucky, for having survivre a hardship in childbirth. Lets offer spaces of open discussions, where experiences are shared, and we can all learn from each other, without judgment...

If your interested in participating in a group meeting where honest conversations can be held, please, let us know at The Mom Job, and we'll make sure that your included in our next consultation or forum!

Write to us or comment below!

And lets free those bad experiences up, so we can welcome better interpretations of what has happened, to feel the learning opportunities available to all!

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